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June 2016

A one-woman show, played by two women. Same words, different story.

A bold theatrical experiment, GREY MAN was a thrilling exploration of how our perspective can completely reshape the world around us. We presented the same script twice to show two women, one half the age of the other, taking wildly different paths in response to precisely the same events in this powerful short play about the stories we tell to get through life.


In one version, Maya was a 50-year-old woman compulsively returning to the site of a terrible family tragedy to re-tell the stories of her childhood; in the other, Maya was a 25-year-old woman returning to her family home to help her sister recover from a debilitating mental illness... This ‘under-the-radar’ experiment was unexpectedly reviewed in its site-specific workshop production and subsequently transferred to Theatre503 for 5 performances.


"A gorgeous, haunting monologue... The full-length version should be commissioned at onceThe Stage

Presented by: REND Productions and Theatre503

Writer: Lulu Raczka

Associate Designer: Natalie Parsons

Lighting Designer: Jamie Platt

Sound Designer: Daffyd Gough

Maya The Elder: Kristin Hutchinson

Maya The Younger: Jasmine Blackborow

Photography by Nick Rutter

Photography by Camilla Greenwell

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